SQLIdol Consulting Services

SQLIdol Leaded by Experts team focused in DATA & AI professional services, our team are located in so many different countries in the Middle East and Worldwide, we are here to support you to come up with a substantial improvement in your database infrastructure and your DATA, our team skilled at creating customized Microsoft SQL Server database solutions for any business size, As Database Consulting we deliver efficiency-enhancing SQL Server database solutions.

We are expert in so many levels like Upgrade, Migration, Consolidation, Performance tuning, Data Migration, High Availability, Disaster Recovery solutions, Solving Critical issues with Advanced troubleshooting, our dedicated team of certified experts can help you alleviate skill shortages, improve response times, increase performance and availability while reducing operating costs and risk.

You can communicate with us 24/7 and we will be so happy to support you and to give you a Health Check report with best practices recommendation.

Why/When You should Hire SQLIdol Team?

IF you are straggling from Poor performance and very high latency, or you need to reduce the cost of the licenses, or you have a lot of Database servers and you need to consolidate them to reduce the cost and upgrade the databases to the latest version and to enhance the performance from 10X to 30X at least, or you need to build a Database assessment process and Strategy for your environment and organization, or you need expert Database consultant to participate with you in your project, or you need expert and MVP SQL Server consultant person to help you for improving the database workload and guide your team. If you need any of these services and more other services SQLidol Team will do it for you. Or even if you have any specific edge-case scenario, we can discuss the available solutions.

What SQLidol can provide you?

Usually, the organization is hiring onsite DBA or remote DBA to manage the databases services but with us, we can hire for you a remote Database management services, it is a new vision of Remote Database Services most of the market now depend on it, we will not hire for you a remote DBA like the normal services we will hire for you a remote Database consultation team that can support you 24/7 to achieve your goal so you will not be depending on one person you will have experts team supporting you in so many different areas with high knowledge and experiences in Database technologies . or we can build customization services for your organization based on your needs.

We can give you many other services Such as but not limited to:

  • FULL Health Check with best practices recommendation (Free for one Server)
    Emergency SQL DBA Support.
  • SQL Database Design and Development.
  • Business Continuity Planning (High Availability and Disaster Recovery).
  • SQL Server Improvement and Performance tuning (High CPU, High IO, Analyze storage subsystem, Deadlocks, T-SQL tuning).
  • SQL Server Upgrade supporting all version starting from 2000 to 2019.
  • Database Migration and Data Migration.
  • Database Consolidation.
  • Online archiving solution.
  • Database Security best practices.
  • Applying all of the best practices and the new Features on SQL Server Database and VM.
  • Database migration from On-premises to Azure.
  • SQL Server Maintenance Plans Full Implementation.
  • SQL Server Monitoring, Auditing, and Customized alerts


We look forward to working with you and supporting your efforts to improve your DB infrastructure with the latest technologies and techniques. We are confident that we can meet the challenges ahead and stand ready to be your partner in delivering an effective IT support solution.

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