SQLIdol Training

We as the SQL Idol team have highly-skilled instructors in academic and practical fields in many technologies like Microsoft SQL Server on-premise, Azure Cloud Certified in data & AI-related certifications.

All of them are MCTs (Microsoft Certified Trainers) and public speakers. We are a team of specialists in SQL Server & Microsoft Data Platform, our Courses are recorded HD videos (lecture & demos) and also have interactive courses (in-person or online). Our team supporting two languages English and Arabic.

IF you need to learn the new technologies or if you need to provide your team with the needed skills to be able to manage your DB infrastructure or if you need to prepare them to manage your AZURE SQL to be aligned with the new Cloud technology, our team will support you to achieve all of your best practices.

What we can offer for you and your Team:
1- Online private Classes for one person or Group
2- In-person Classes for one person or Group

Our Courses:
1- SQL Server Administration Track
2- SQL Server Transact- SQL Querying and Programming
3- SQL Server New Features (2016, 2017 and 2019)
4- SQL Server performance tuning
5- Azure SQL DBA (SQL on Azure VM, Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL Elastic Pool, Azure SQL Managed instance)
6- And more …..

Also, you can Custom your course based on what you need to learn Just communicate with us IF you need to learn SQL Server technologies or Azure SQL technologies Contact US and our support team will call you in 72 Hours to understand from you what you need to learn exactly and to share with you the best direction to increase your learning curve.
“Keep Learning and Spread the Knowledge”

Contact Us to customize your course based on what you need to learn.

Also if you are looking for SQL Server Consulting service check our services from here.